Gratorama Terms of Use: All You Need to Know

By registering on our site, the user automatically accepts all our rules and agreements. That is why we recommend that you read the information before registering at our online casino.

Terms of Use for the Gratorama Website

We are worried about our users and have drawn up this document with a clear description of the rights and obligations of each visitor to our online resource. We recommend that you approach the matter with the utmost seriousness and read our terms and conditions in order to exclude possible misunderstandings and further proceedings. Any interaction with Gratorama (surfing the site, registering, participating in games, correspondence, etc.) automatically confirms your agreement with our terms and conditions.

Gratorama Terms and Conditions

By using our services, you accept by default all the rules we have specified. Be careful, close the tab with our website if at least one of the provisions of the agreement does not suit you.

The user who has passed the registration, participates in the games and promotions of Gratorama, agrees with the following conditions:

  • Gratorama has the right to make changes and update the terms of the User Agreement when necessary.
  • All changes and updates to the terms are effective after they are posted within 2 weeks. If this is required by the regulatory documentation or the current law, then the changes will take effect earlier than 14 days.
  • If you continue to use our services after the specified period, you automatically agree to the effective updates to the rules.

To be always up-to-date with the current rules and conditions, check the updates more often in the corresponding tab on the website. If you disagree with at least one rule, stop using our resource immediately.

Minors Are Not Allowed!

Minors are prohibited from registering and playing on our resource. We have rights to request additional data confirming the age of the gambler. It should be no less than 18. By these actions, we help users to play a fair game without breaking the law and our rules.

We also ask our users to be attentive. If you know that the user has not reached the age of 18, be sure to contact our support with all the necessary player data.

If we suspect that the user has not reached the age of majority, and upon request he does not provide us with additional data, we have every right to block his account. We also reserve the right to withhold funds in the user’s gaming account until the player’s age is confirmed.

Gratorama Events and Games

Gambling is not allowed everywhere, this is important to remember. Many countries prohibit the operation of casinos, both land-based and online establishments. And so, get acquainted with the rules of participation in the game life of Gratorama:

Participation in games and promotions is only allowed for players residing in an area where gambling is permitted by law. Otherwise, participation will be invalid.

The availability of our online casino cannot be perceived by players as an invitation or offer to gamble in territories where it is prohibited. The responsibility for the legality of actions on our site lies with the users themselves.

By playing on our site, the user confirms that he does not suffer from gambling addiction.

Participation in promotions for employees, owners, their family and friends is prohibited.

We monitor the quality of our services. The Gratorama team consists of professionals who honestly fulfil all the obligations and rules of the company. We also ask our players to play a fair game with strict implementation of all points of the user agreement.

User Obligations

By registering on our website and taking part in the games, you confirm that you will responsibly fulfil user obligations. We are especially strict about foul play associated with fraud and illegal activities. Be prepared for the fact that if you suspect foul play, your account will be blocked, and all attempts to create a new one will also be blocked by the system.

Follow these points carefully:

  • Do not fund your gaming account with funds obtained in any illegal way.
  • Do not conduct criminal activities using our resources.
  • Do not use your gaming account for illegal activities, and do not let others use your gaming account for illegal or criminal activities.

Gratorama has the right to block a user account at any time for any suspicion. We send funds from the gaming account to the player by check, in this case.

If you do not agree with any paragraph of this document, please stop using our services.