Gratorama.Casino Privacy & Security Policy

Gratorama.Casino respects the privacy of its users and does everything necessary to keep them safe. The casino is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This document describes all the methods we use for collecting information, its storage, usage, and protection. 

The privacy policy is an important part of the User Agreement, which you can read in the corresponding tab on our website. Thus, using our service, you automatically consent to the collection and use of your personal information.

Why Gratorama Collects Personal Information

Collecting information is an important part of the relationship between our users and Gratorama.Casino. We use the information we receive from players to ensure that we comply with all regulatory and legal requirements.

In addition, the collected information helps us inform the appropriate services about suspicions of illegal user actions, fraud, crime, or other illegal activity. 

Client Rights

By complying with the GDPR, we are committed to respecting customer rights. Thus, we guarantee the fulfillment of such obligations:

  • Notifying users in the event of a data breach within 3 days from the moment of detection.
  • Providing all relevant information about the collection of user data, its storage, processing, and use.
  • Removing personal information at the request of the user. When considering such a request, we must compare the rights of individuals and the public interest in the availability of data.
  • Portability of data at the request of the client for their use with other companies.

To submit a request or ask any question that interests you, write to our support service.

Classification of Information Collected

At Gratorama Casino, we collect several types of data:

  1. Non-personal information
  2. Personal (private) information

Non-personal information does not personally point to the user and may be collected through the Gratorama.Casino services you use. This can be an IP address, an operating system used by the user, the date and time the player entered our website, etc.

Personal information is the data that can identify the user. We receive it from you during your registration on our website. This is the user’s name, email, phone number, and so on.

Ways of Collecting Information

We collect all the information that you yourself provide to us during the registration process by filling out the signup form, the usage of our services, and in the course of communicating with online support. The information collected helps us provide the highest quality of services, keep a record of your transactions, and track your game history. All data from the history of deposits/withdrawals and game sessions is available to you — for personal control of gaming behavior and maintaining responsible gaming.


We use cookies on our website. These files make it easier for us to provide you with personalized offers, and you can quickly sign in to your game account, so you can start playing your favorite games immediately.

Use of Information

The information collected helps us be better for you. With the collected info, we can manage your game account and provide you our services. The data you provide allows us communicate with you and inform about the released software updates and documentation of agreements, etc

We use your contact information like your phone and email address provided on your registration at Gratorama.Casino to send you our marketing communications through SMS, email and Push messages. We may transfer the collected data to a third party only in the amount necessary for a specific purpose.

Information About Your Winnings

All information about withdrawals and winnings is kept confidential and not disclosed. However, for advertising purposes, we may publish some information about the winnings. The amount of winnings, the name and the first letter of the last name of the winner, the country, and the city can be published. We can also request permission from the winner to publish a photo.

Data Storage

The user has the right to make adjustments to personal data, for example, change their email, address, or phone number. All information provided by you is stored by us for as long as it is necessary to provide you with our services. We have the right to change or delete inaccurate or incomplete information at our discretion.

Updates and Adjustments to the Privacy Policy

We can make adjustments to this document if necessary. The current release of the Privacy Policy is published in the corresponding tab on the website. Please review this document frequently to stay informed about the latest changes. In the event of significant changes, we notify users through our customer service or send an appropriate letter to the mail specified during registration.

Significant changes to the policy will take effect one week after they are posted and users are notified. Small changes take effect immediately, and your continued use of our service automatically confirms your agreement with them.

Help and Customer Support

With any questions and suggestions, you can contact our customer support team, which is available 24/7. Please note that customer calls are recorded for security reasons.