Play Responsible @ Gratorama

The Gratorama casino team encourages users to play responsibly. Read the information carefully to the end so that you know all the rules and recommendations regarding your stay on our site and responsible casino gambling.

General Rules of Gratorama Casino

The very first rule every user should be familiar with is the 18-year rule. On our resource, registration and any other actions by persons under the age of majority are prohibited by law.

Speaking about a responsible attitude to gambling, we give the following recommendations:

  • Before starting the game, set yourself a limit on the amount that you are willing to spend on the game.
  • Casino games should be primarily fun, not material benefits.
  • Do not gamble while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if you are recovering from any addiction.
  • Do not gamble if it interferes with your daily responsibilities.
  • Always remember that gambling is entertainment, and no strategies or tactics guarantee a win.

These are not all recommendations to follow. We have guidelines for those who support responsible gaming.

Important Tips for Responsible Gaming

Responsible gambling primarily depends on the players themselves, as well as on their attitude towards gambling. We do our best to help users. Therefore, we have a special function in Gratorama – self-exclusion.


Each gambler has the opportunity to write an email to the customer support service, asking for a temporary blocking of access to the resource. Your game account will be blocked for any period that you specify. You can also call support after the self-exclusion period has expired to regain access to your account. Any attempts to create a new account during the period recognized by the system will be blocked, and the temporary blocking of the account will become permanent.

If you are not sure about the need for self-locking, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does gambling interfere with my work and other responsibilities?
  • Do I just want to play or do I have to win back my last bets?
  • Am I playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  • Am I recovering from addiction?

Even one positive answer to the above questions should encourage you to use the self-exclusion function. If, even after self-exclusion, you notice an excessive obsession with thoughts about gambling, we recommend that you seek professional psychological help as soon as possible. For more information and assistance, please visit the Gamblers-Anonymous service.

Deposit Limit

An important rule of every responsible gambler is to set a limit for the amount that he or she is willing to spend before playing. In an online casino, it is very easy to practice by replenishing a deposit for a specific amount. Except for this, with the help of our online support, you can set yourself a daily, weekly, monthly, or any other deposit limit. Also, by writing to the support, you can easily adjust the limit by raising or lowering it.

Account History

The ability to view your game history allows you to track your game behavior. By studying your account history, you can identify addiction to games at an early stage on your own. To do this, we recommend checking this tab as often as possible. The exact times and dates will make it clear when you have been unnecessarily active on the Gratorama site.

The Gratorama team consists of professionals, and if a player asks the above questions, the support will respond immediately.