Best Bitcoin Casinos by Gratorama Casino

Have you always wanted to gamble anonymously on your favorite games? Then we recommend that you check Gratorama review on online bitcoin and other crypto casinos. This article also provides answers to all your questions related to BTC gambling in crypto casinos.

What Is Bitcoin Gambling | Gratorama Casino

Online gambling platforms adopt transactions in crypto as a currency alongside the regular USD, GBP, and EUR. You can use BTC to wager on outcomes of sports, roulette, poker, blackjack, dice games, baccarat, and live dealer casino games. Gamblers in BTC casinos also gain access to provably fair games that are not accessible in most fiat-only casinos.

Free spins, daily “rain drops”, and exclusive VIP offers contribute to an exciting gaming experience as well. Bitcoin has improved the quality of gameplay and casino payment over the years; we have to give online sites credit for adopting the latest global invention.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

If you are wondering why bitcoin is widely adopted across various sectors around the globe, you won’t run out of reasons – privacy, security, and easy payment, among other things. Online casinos need to go through numerous policies and regulations, thereby making financial transactions a tedious process. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are flexible, and they do not have many restrictions, hence why they are the ideal replacement for fiat currencies.

Some of the advantages of gambling with BTC are explained below.


One of the main pros of Bitcoin gambling is that the cryptocurrency is decentralized; its activities are neither controlled nor policed by any regulating body. Governments, financial institutions, and users have no control over Bitcoin transactions – they cannot be blocked, and your BTC account cannot be frozen regardless of where you are around the world.

Every gambler that operates within a regulated market should understand how crucial BTC decentralization is. Some real-money gamblers in the United States and other parts of the world have been victims of frozen casinos and bank accounts. When you gamble with Bitcoin, you are the one in total control of your money.

Casino Transaction Fees

Asides from tax winnings, most online casinos do not deduct fees when you perform transactions with fiat currencies. However, banks and other e-commerce organizations generate income whenever customers perform financial transactions. Therefore, just like they do in other industries, banks charge a high fee when you deposit or withdraw fiat money into or from your online casino wallet.

Bitcoin transactions are swift, safe, secure, and only require a small transaction fee. You are guaranteed bigger payouts as they do not cost as much as their traditional counterparts. BTC casino transaction fees are much cheaper than the conventional payment options, so you save more from your winnings when you transact with Bitcoin. More money in your account means you can enjoy your favorite BTC casino games from reputable game providers for longer.

Anonymity at a Casino

“Who is the founder of Bitcoin?” Ask yourself this question if you ever doubt the anonymous nature of Bitcoin. Of course, playing in the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos has its risks. However, entering the casino building with a bag of money is one way to attract prying eyes, so gambling with Bitcoin is ideal for gamblers who prefer to keep their identity a secret.

Bitcoin is anonymous; your data is kept hidden all through a transaction process. The only detail everyone would have access to is the amount of Bitcoin that was sent or received, one of the perks of decentralized blockchain technology. The only way you can get someone’s Bitcoin wallet address is if they share that information with you. No one has access to your name or contact address unless you give it out.

Some of the best BTC casinos on the Gratorama list offer fully anonymous accounts where you can play your favorite games online without risking any private information. Mind you, BTC casino transactions would never appear on your credit or bank account statements.

Worldwide Acceptance of Bitcoins

Cryptocurrencies aim to create a decentralized and universal payment system, where nations and institutions would have no control. This paves the way for the worldwide adoption of Bitcoin in online gambling and other sectors.

For example, gamblers from countries with strict gambling laws and regulations can enjoy making money off their favorite games in BTC casinos online without any problems. In addition, bitcoin transactions are not tax-imposed, so evading taxes should be the last thing on your mind.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies function the same way for all gambling sites globally. For example, the current market value of any digital currency in the United States is the same in other parts of the world.

Instant BTC Transfers

Bitcoin offers you a chance to send money immediately, unlike regular fiat online casinos transactions requiring a few days to process. Transaction periods differ by the selected payment option, usually taking between 2 to 10 days.

Bank transfers take 2 business days until the completion (7 days at most), while transactions made via credit/debit cards, mobile applications, and e-wallets are usually completed within the hour. Bitcoin transactions, on the other hand, are typically completed minutes from confirmation.


All your Bitcoin transactions are secure, thanks to blockchain technology. It is responsible for secure and transparent transactions. In addition, 2FAS, periodic checks, and verification systems make it difficult for hackers and scammers to steal people’s information.

Disadvantages of BTC Gambling

Since the system isn’t perfect, Bitcoin gambling has its shortcoming. Take note of the drawbacks listed below:

No Support

Decentralized Bitcoin transaction means there is no specified body to contact for inquiries. If you have any complaints, you can always contact your crypto wallet provider for help.

No Reversals

Bitcoin transactions require extra care than fiat money because they are irreversible. Once a transaction has been made, it cannot be reversed since there is no regulating body to that effect.

Volatility of Bitcoin Price

Every Bitcoin trader knows that the value of the digital coin is not fixed; the cost may increase/decrease within minutes. You might wake up the next day to find out the worth of the 1 BTC you won the previous night has reduced drastically. The volatility is what dictates the price.

No Official Gambling License for Bitcoin Casinos

Although Bitcoin gambling is free and fair, players are usually responsible for major decisions. Its decentralized and anonymous nature is why gambling authorities cannot demand gambling licenses from Bitcoin and crypto casinos. It is then up to players to be wary of fraudsters who impersonate BTC casinos.

Implied Technical Knowledge

Bitcoin gambling is the reason a more significant percentage of gamblers know how Bitcoin works. Sincerely, there is more to Bitcoin transactions than gambling. Knowing how to safeguard your coins is more important than gambling with Bitcoin. We advise gamblers not to leave their digital assets in the casino account; instead, move them to your digital wallet and keep them beyond the reach of a third party.

Gratorama: How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casinos

Choosing an online Bitcoin casino is one of the most influential decisions you would make as a gambler. It is an essential aspect of your online gambling; your gaming experience depends on it. With the sudden increase in the number of Bitcoin casinos, it is no surprise that making your preferred selection becomes more challenging.

Every casino operator now strives to deliver the best gaming experience to players in Australia, the USA, Portugal, UK, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Argentina, and others around the globe.

If you have any difficulty choosing the right Bitcoin casino, you recommend that you check out the best BTC casinos recommended by Gratorama. In this article, we have included various factors that would influence your choice of the best casinos.

Bitcoin Promotions and Bonus Offers

They say that “first impressions last long”. The best casinos that accept Bitcoin offer new players bonus offers when they sign up for a casino account; every newbie looks forward to exciting bonuses. Some of the offers you watch out for before choosing a BTC casino include deposit and no deposit bonuses, free spins, free BTC, no wagering bonus, reload bonuses, and loyalty programs.

Welcome bonuses range from matched bonuses, free spins, multipliers, cashback bonuses, amongst others. Although they are pretty important, we advise that you do not let Bitcoin promotions and bonus offers be the only basis for choosing an online casino. Welcome bonuses only last for a short period offering players a short-term benefit; they are just pieces of the bigger picture.

If you find Bitcoin casinos with the same or similar welcome bonus offers, it is only sensible that you select the one with the best wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is the number of times players need to wager a bonus before withdrawing winnings.

For example, a BTC casino with a 50x wagering requirement means you have to wager at least 50 times the initial bonus amount before you can withdraw winnings gotten from the bonus. Our Gratorama BTC casinos offer the best welcome bonuses and reasonable wagering requirements, so you enjoy gambling with BTC.

Generally, Bitcoin casinos have the best bonuses and promotion offers. Existing players can join the casino’s VIP and Loyalty Club and qualify for level-up bonuses, regular boosts, BTC cashback, and many more bonuses. In addition, new players should be on the lookout for promo codes when signing up with a casino.

Depositing and Withdrawing BTC

Depositing and withdrawing in BTC casinos is relatively easier than real-money casinos. This is because real money casinos have various payment platforms (bank transfer, e-wallets, mobile apps, credit/debit cards, and so on) while BTC casinos have a universal language; Bitcoin. Therefore, as long as you have Bitcoin in your BTC wallet, you can easily deposit funds into your BTC casino account and withdraw winnings vice-versa.

While some fiat currency casinos do not accept payments in some currencies, every Bitcoin casino supports BTC for withdrawals and deposits. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, Bitcoin is a universal form of payment anywhere you are around the globe.

Although Bitcoin is the most preferred payment option in crypto casinos, most online casinos now accept Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP), and other fast-rising digital currencies. These cryptocurrencies are also decentralized; you can still make safe, secure, quick, and cheap transactions like you would with Bitcoin.

Selection of Games

It’s not breaking news that every gambler looks forward to enjoying the best games and BTC casinos offer the best casino games one could ever fathom. If you are a lover of online slots, you should be on the lookout for slots in the BTC casino game catalog.

Generally, BTC casinos offer games you see in regular real-money casinos with their added benefits. You should not have any problems selecting a crypto casino with your preferred gaming collection as we provide a comprehensive review of the best BTC casino games for online players. You would find every of your favorite online games in a Bitcoin casino.

Just like it is with the regular slot machines, there are variants of BTC Slots. Some of the most common BTC slots include classic 3-reels and 5-reels, video slots, progressive slots, mobile slots, and cascading slots. You also have access to various Video poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Keno, Craps, Dice games, Live casino action, and Virtual Reality (VR) casino games. If you need other gaming options, we recommend that you check out Gratorama sports betting sites, poker, and lottery and fantasy sports sections.

Other game selections are peculiar to cryptocurrency casinos; Satoshi Dice and Bitcoin Dice are amongst dice game variants. You cannot run out of Bitcoin games as Bitcoin gambling casinos are now on the rise.

Provably Fair

Provably fair casino games are the new trend on Bitcoin casino sites. The best ones adopt cryptographic protocols and policies to ensure that the results of games are fair. It is that Blockchain technology that plays a role in ensuring that game results remain unchanged, so even the casino operators can neither cheat nor determine the outcome of any Bitcoin games. The games also use a Random Number Generator (RNG), so no one can alter the result of a dice toss, slots, roulette, and other random digit casino games.


Crypto casino operators cannot always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, hence 24/7 customer support. Bitcoin casino operators have various platforms you can use to make inquiries; telephone lines, an email address, online forms, live chat on the website, and social media accounts.

User Interface

Every casino site plays an integral role in defining the user experience. One of the qualities of a well-optimized casino site is the User Interface. The casino site should have a responsive HTML5 website, good audio and video graphic quality, and various mobile iOS and Android devices.

For example, games on the Gratorama site are classified to help players locate gaming options in little time. In addition, a typical BTC casino site should combine colors well and have a search function for easy navigation.

Additional Features

Other features can influence your choice of Bitcoin casinos. For example, if you are not a casino game fan, you can still get the best Bitcoin lottery, dice, poker, virtual games, sports betting, and fantasy sports sites.

Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

BTC Casinos are renowned for their eccentric casino bonuses. So, it’s no surprise why most players look forward to claiming these casino bonuses and offers as it helps improve the gaming experience. Make sure you use a valid promo code if you want to unlock the best Bitcoin casino bonuses. Some are listed below.


Most BTC casinos offer comprehensive welcome match bonuses when you meet the requirement for the first few deposits. A second and possibly third deposit bonus means you would benefit from the casino offers in the long run.

No deposit

No-deposit BTC casinos are rare to come by. Instead, players can access these bonuses without making any deposits. Although no-deposit bonuses do not require any financial obligations, they are still smaller when compared to deposit bonuses.

Free spins

While some Bitcoin casinos offer free spins as part of a deposit bonus or welcome bonus, others may include it in a no-deposit bonus.

Free bitcoins

Don’t be surprised if you wake up to more Bitcoin in your casino account. Some crypto casinos give players bitcoin for free.

No wagering bonuses

No wagering bonuses are bonuses that have no wagering requirement. You can claim a no-wagering bonus and withdraw it without having to play it through. The offers aren’t prevalent in crypto casinos though.

Reload bonuses

Players who make more than one deposit qualify for reload bonuses in Bitcoin casinos. Their wagering requirement is similar to the usual welcome bonuses.

Loyalty programs

Make findings of a crypto casino loyalty program before you join a casino brand. Most loyalty programs reward players with points you can exchange for credits and bonuses. They are ideal for high rollers as they offer massive bonuses, birthday gifts, exclusive offers, an invitation to exclusive events, and a lot of other VIP treatment.

How to Get Started at Bitcoin Casinos: Gratorama Casino Guide

  1. Find a crypto wallet to store your coins. As a crypto gambler, having a crypto wallet is very necessary to keep your coins safe. Think of your crypto wallet like a regular wallet where you keep the cash but more secure; you do not fall victim to pickpockets. In addition, a crypto wallet is a safe location to store Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets. With the recent increase in digital currencies, you shouldn’t have problems selecting a good crypto wallet. You can choose to keep your coins in the exchange after purchasing, but we recommend that you transfer them to your wallet, where you can constantly monitor them. Register with any preferred crypto wallet to get an exclusive wallet address for your account. Crypto wallets are secured with cryptographic protocols, so you do not fret about the safety of your assets.
  2. Find an exchange to buy your virtual coins from. There are various ways to purchase virtual coins in the market today from reputable exchanges that offer crypto services. However, just like you would need a bank account before performing bank transfers, you also need a crypto wallet before receiving or sending virtual currencies. Buying a virtual coin is the first step to gambling at BTC and other crypto casinos. There are various ways to get virtual currencies in the market today; it all goes down to finding a reputable exchange that offers these crypto services. All you need do is select a renowned crypto exchange that sells the cryptocurrency you need. So, if you prefer a digital coin over another, let’s say Ethereum, for example, you can always buy it from an exchange.
  3. Choose your casino. Choosing your casino is the next important decision after creating a crypto wallet and buy your digital coins. Some crypto casinos sell digital coins to players on the casino site; so, you can always purchase your preferred coins right before playing your favorite BTC games. Remember that we’ve done all the research you need in this article to help you choose the right crypto casinos online. All you need to do is take the leap of faith – create a crypto casino account, input your payment details, and enjoy a fascinating gaming experience with your favorite Bitcoin games.

How to Deposit BTC at a Casino

Now that you have all it takes to start gambling at a BTC casino site, what’s next? First, you need to fund your casino account. Making deposits to Bitcoin casinos is perfectly safe; blockchain technology makes it nearly impossible to fall victim to scams and fraudsters.

  1. Log in to the casino and visit the cashier: Copy your casino Bitcoin address.
  2. Select a cryptocurrency: Most crypto casinos support more than one virtual coin so, select any preferred one.
  3. Choose a crypto wallet: Open your crypto wallet and paste your casino address into the receiver address box to transfer BTC.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit: Input the amount of Bitcoin you wish to transfer; make sure it is within the deposit limit.
  5. Complete verification steps: Wait for some time for the Bitcoin network to verify the transaction.
  6. Start betting: You are good to go once the money enters your casino account.

Withdrawing Bitcoin at Online Casinos

Withdrawing from Bitcoin casinos after meeting the wagering requirement is as easy as making deposits. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the casino cashier: The Cashier page is where you make withdrawals.
  2. Choose Bitcoin: Select Bitcoin as your preferred withdrawal method. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw but make sure it’s within the limit.
  3. Generate the Bitcoin wallet address: Copy your Bitcoin wallet address from the crypto wallet
  4. Check your details: Paste the wallet address to the casino and confirm all transaction details before sending.
  5. Make your withdrawal
  6. Click withdraw: The Bitcoin would be accessible in your wallet shortly after the casino processes your request.

Crypto Wallets | Gratorama Casino Selection

There are various crypto wallet options to choose from. So, you must select a trustworthy product with two-factor authentication to secure your assets from hackers. Also, guard your wallet’s private keys; they’re the only shot you get at recovering the funds in the wallet. Finally, aside from your wallet address, you are not meant to share private data with a third party.

We have listed some of the most trusted crypto wallets below.


Electrum is a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet equipped with two-factor authentication (2FA) and a simple confirmation system to secure your coins. Electrum is one of the oldest crypto wallets, so it’s not as versatile as others. However, it is a good option considering its security measures and user-friendly status.


Coinbase is one of the best crypto wallets today, allowing Bitcoiners to buy and keep their coins in a safe place. The Coinbase mobile app is the most spectacular feature of the crypto wallet. However, we advise that you register in advance because of the lengthy verification process if you would trade crypto soon.


Edge crypto wallet gives iOS users the edge in Bitcoin gambling on mobile devices. The wallet is designed to store multiple digital currencies simultaneously, one of the reasons it is among the best crypto wallets today.

How to Stay Safe at a Bitcoin Casino

Generally, the safety of playing at an online Gratorama casino site is paramount for every player. For punters who want to explore the world of bitcoin casinos, this is something they genuinely seek answers to. It is vital to take every necessary step to guarantee that you are playing at a safe site.

It would be best if you did not jump on every site that you find on the internet. The safety of bitcoin casinos is pretty relative. However, there are specific steps to ensure you are on a secured and trustworthy platform. Online bitcoin casinos are safe as long as you follow the necessary steps provided here.

Choose Reputable Bitcoin Casinos

The first step to staying safe at a bitcoin casino is to ensure you choose a reputable, verified, and legal brand. It would help if you did not hit the sign-up button on any site that is not legal or licensed. Check to see if it is regulated by an oversight body that is recognized.

An example of a trusted regulator is the UK gambling commission or Malta gaming authority. This would save you from theft, losses, and crypto hacking. Always make proper research before dabbling into any sites where you would make any transaction with real money. Also, there are blogs or articles from trusted sources that comprise vetted Gratorama casinos. Ideally, this would save you time and energy doing your research.

Use Strong Passwords

With a strong password, your account cannot be hacked easily. Over time, it has become common for punters to lose control of their accounts. Sophisticated operators carry out these acts. Punters are usually told to ensure their passwords consist of alphabets, numbers, and symbols.

This is a very secure way of protecting your online presence. Hackers would not be able to guess passwords that a strong. A strong password contains alphabets, numbers, symbols, and lengthy. Also, it would be best if you didn’t share your passphrase with anyone. Information like this is to be kept private. Most successful thefts are carried out by someone known to the victim.

Beware of Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are actual. Messages asking for your account details should be avoided at all costs. Ideally, a legitimate e-commerce company won’t ask for such sensitive information via email. We would advise you immediately delete such messages once you get them. This will keep you from thinking about check if it is accurate or not. Essentially, you can confirm from customer support at your preferred casino brand to confirm the authenticity of the mail.

Choose a Trusted Exchange

Ideally, choosing an exchange isn’t easy. However, it could be fun when you have the right tools and resources. There are specific parameters or factors to help you choose a trusted exchange. These factors include; security, products and services, fees and profitability, reputation and track record, reviews, user satisfaction, and experience. With the following factors, you should select a trusted exchange to make your money transactions. The customer team would quickly sort issues that emerge while using a trusted exchange.

Ensure Safe Bitcoin Storage

We keep our credit cards safe in our wallets, and bitcoin ought to be kept secure in our wallets in the same manner. However, here we are referring to the digital wallet. A digital wallet can be either web-based or hardware-based. You can keep such a wallet on your mobile device or desktop, or preferably by printing out on paper the private keys and addresses for access. The safety of these wallets depends on how the user manages his wallet.

Basically, without private keys, nobody can access the wallet. Losing such information would lock the player out of his bitcoin money. Also, there are chances that a computer malfunction like crashing a hard drive or hacking occurs.

However, to ensure safety, you should store your bitcoin on hot wallets, cold wallets, or physical coins. It is also essential to back up your bitcoin wallet, have multi-signatures, and do a software update.

Staying Anonymous with Bitcoin

Anonymity in today’s digitalized world has become a more contentious issue. As we become more digitalized, the anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations become stricter and more difficult to bypass. However, bitcoin has proved to be the best way to remain anonymous online and keep your money transactions away from the public.

Here are a few tips to keep your privacy intact.

  1. Keep personal information about your bitcoin wallet private. By doing this, no transaction would be able to be pinned on you.
  2. Don’t convert your funds. It would be best if you left them stored in bitcoin. Ideally, these funds would become traceable if they are converted to USD or other currencies.
  3. For each transaction, make use of a different wallet address. this is simple. Request a new address from your wallet each time you want to complete a transaction, and this ensures you leave no trail.
  4. Lastly, it would be best to play BTC games at safe, secured, and recommended Gratorama casino brands. This is important if you intend to keep your details secure.

Best BTC Games

In this guide, we would review some of the finest bitcoin games on the internet. Bitcoin gambling has gained more popularity, and there are gambling sites with incredible BTC games. Withdrawing and depositing real money is done using cryptocurrency channels; this makes it different from the regular casino.

These games are top-rated and essential if you intend to create a fantastic gambling experience playing on crypto casinos. Essentially, your online gambling is not complete without these high-quality games.

It is important to note that the games found on bitcoin casinos are similar to regular casinos. However, there are more options on bitcoin casinos and also specialty games. Most of these games have a low edge on the house, putting the advantage towards you. Another advantage is that you can quickly fund your account to begin your gaming experience. When you are done reading, you know the best games to select and games with a higher RTP.

Here is a brief description of the best Bitcoin games.


Slot games are every gambler’s favorites. Ideally, selecting a bitcoin casino site to play is based on the range of slot games offered. Indeed, to build an impressive gaming experience, you should have played a lot of slot games. There is a whole package of variable and fixed payline slots having various winning combinations, free spins, and multipliers. You can select adventures, wildlife safari, Egyptian treasure hunts, fruity slots, or something different to spice up your gaming time. The idea is this; there is always a slot game for everyone. Here is a little detail about the different categories of slots games you can select from:

  • Classic slots: These are slots similar to the famous primitive slots. Examples include Eye of Ra, Starburst, Ancient Egypt classic, Power of Ankh, etc.
  • Fruit slots: If you are interested in fruit slots, here are a few to get you started: Fruit Super Nova, 500 Juicy Fruits, 40 Lucky Fruits, etcetera.
  • Megaway slots: Any slot which runs on the Megaway random reel modifier system is known as Megaway. Megaway slots include Queen of Wonderland, the Ruby Megaways, Gonzo’s Quest, Royale with Cheese, etcetera. Playing these slot games increases your odds of winning; this makes them one of the best categories of slot games to play at bitcoin casinos.
  • Bitcoin slots: examples of bitcoin slot games include Royal Lotus, Story of Egypt, Sky Hunter, Fire Lightning, and many more. Ideally, bitcoin slots are no different from the regular slots, and you also get to experience the same virtual reel-spinning.


Blackjack is in a game category known as table games. Table games, for experts and professional gamblers, are favorites and well-preferred entertainments to play on the internet. Currently, there are millions of fans playing online blackjack because it is easy.

Blackjack players do not go head-to-head against each other, and they can only compete against the house or dealer. There are rules of engagement for people and also a specific option for the players involved. Before selecting blackjack, ensure you have familiarized yourself with its rules to increase your chances of winning.

They include infinite blackjack, free bet, classic, power, provably fair blackjack. There are no strategies to winning. It is a game of luck and skill; sometimes, you could have a bad set of cards to deal with.


Roulette is another table game you can get to play at an online bitcoin casino. The game is easy to learn and fun for both newbies and regular casino players. The dealer or croupier organizes the gameplay. Ideally, the dealer is the one who keeps the action on, proclaims bets and outcomes, and signals gamblers when it’s their turn to take action. A tiny ball and a numbered spinning wheel are where the action is centered. The dealer spins the wheel and places the ball in the wheel while it is turning.

On the other hand, the gambler is faced with the challenge of predicting the number where the ball will come to rest on the wheel. For a good play, you would have to learn about roulette odds and how to place bets.

With bitcoin roulette, you can easily fund your account, get into the game without revealing your identity. Also, you get the advantage of provably fair play. This allows you to check the results if you feel you have been cheated. Online bitcoin roulette games include European roulette, French roulette, American roulette, lightning roulette, common draw roulette, instant roulette, speed roulette, and many more.

If you are playing roulette for the first time, the European wheel should be your choice. The game has just one zero, which puts the advantage in your favor. The American wheel has one zero more than the French wheel. These games are run by an RNG and are legal for gamblers playing online. There are more roulette games that you can find on bitcoin Gratorama casinos.


There are so many exciting poker games to play online. Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, Seven-card stud, Razz, Lowball are some of the best online poker games. Ideally, playing online poker is one of the best ways to create a fantastic gambling experience at a bitcoin casino.

Poker is a card game when you have to bet on the differences between the cards in your hand and your opponent’s. It is an intense game that sharpens the ability of a person to predict what move the opponent would make without being exposed.

Certain casino poker sites would help you convert your BTC to poker chips while you are at the table. Your wins would be converted back to bitcoin when you are done playing at the table. This approach would ensure that the value at which your bitcoin was when you started is the same as when you are ending the game.

The bitcoin value is constantly changing, making this approach one that players would feel safe about. Bitcoin casinos offer players a provably fair play which allows for checks and balances. Punters who think that cheating was done can always get justice.


Online dice have the same concept that is observed at the brick-and-mortar casino. Many gamblers love the dice game because it helps them recall classic board games like monopoly and ludo. It is also a firm favorite of most online bitcoin casino sites. It was first pioneered in 2012 by SatoshiDice; today, many formats are available with more entertainment value.

Interestingly, nothing can be compared to wagering on the outcome created by a cryptographically generated dice roll. The task of predicting if a rolled dice would give a number above or below what the player chooses can be exciting and fun. Craps is the most popular dice game. The game is believed to be linked to the old English game known as “Hazard.”

Simplicity, low house edge, and speed make the dice game stand out among other BTC games. Other dice games, classics to novel and contemporary versions, with incredible themes, rules, and bet types, are also accessible at bitcoin casinos.

Examples include Vault Dice, Sci Bo, Live Dice, Scratch Dice, Electro Dice, 24 Dice, and many more. The dice game is backed by provably fair tech, saving you from worrying about transparency in the outcomes.


Crash is an incredible multiplayer bitcoin game to add to your collection. It is also an exciting game to create a robust gambling experience for yourself. It is easy to learn if you are new to it, and it has many winning opportunities that come with it.

Basically, with a well-crafted strategy, you can easily take more wins while learning. Many bitcoin sites offer this game, so select the best and start enjoying a rewarding online gaming experience. However, to enjoy the Crash game, ensure you check out the site’s mobile access, functionality, design, and useability. If these features are checked, then you should give the game a try.

Generally, bitcoin crash gambling casinos use an algorithm to regenerate the outcome, proving that they were randomly generated. They lots of bonuses and promos to keep you coming back. These include jackpots, deposit matches, bitcoin faucets, and rain. There is no limit to what you can win playing the crash, although this depends on the size of your bet. The house edge of these crash games is marginal, and you can get an RTP of 99.9%.


The Plinko game is a simple and exciting game that originated from a popular American TV show. It caught more attention when it found its way to cryptocurrency casinos. The game is developed by a world-class game developer known as BGaming. Its features include autoplay, risk level, provability, and line select.

Essentially, the game is about selecting a colored button from the three available, and a corresponding action of the disc falling from the topmost part of the board follows. Then, there is a deflection by the lands and pegs on a bottom coefficient which is a multiplier of the bet. The difficulty level of the game can be adjusted, and also the number of pins. The player-an can customize various settings an autoplay option can be selected. A chat and live bets module is included in the game.

Plinko is suitable and adaptive for all devices; mobile, tablet, and desktop. The RTP is fantastic, 99% with variable volatility. If accessible, you can try out a demo version of the game before playing with real money. Generally, Plinko is a strangely compelling game with simple graphics, less complex gameplay, and superb soundtracks. Playing Plinko with bitcoin is super-exciting because payment, deposits, and withdrawals are pretty fast, and your identity gets to remain intact.


Hilo is another credible BTC game that involves guessing to engage at any online bitcoin casino. Traditionally, it is a table game focused on the total value of your cards and best for new players because of its simplicity. The Hilo game, which means high or low, comprises the player, you, and the dealer.

Technically, this is how the game proceeds. A variant shows six cards while the player has already been dealt one; the player gets to pick one card from the six. He could select a card that is the same value, lower in value, or higher in value to what is being displayed or the bet that is placed.

Now, choosing the wrong card would mean losing the bet. All cards are revealed to judge if the bet is lost or not. If he chooses the right card, he wins the bet. Playing bitcoin Hilo has several advantages: provably fairness, faster transactions using cryptocurrency, global access, lower fees, and bigger bonuses. The Hilo game, just like every other Gratorama casino game, requires you to apply the right strategy to make your gambling right.


Limbo is a bitcoin game that is less popular compared to Hilo or dice. The game hunts for payouts and betting that gets the punter the payout he aims for.

Technically, you define the payout you intend to take home, and then you click bet. For instance, a punter setting the payout to 2x and then clicking bet means that the payout that comes up must be 2x or above that bet to be won. Limbo is simple; it is a simple, provably fair game accessible to play at bitcoin casinos.

For a higher payout, there would be a lower chance of winning. However, a player is open to win up to 1,000,000 what they bet. Some bitcoin casinos offer you additional bonus offers and customizable auto bets to help you play the game. Real money transactions are super-quick; withdrawals and deposits take place at incredibly high speed.

Most Popular Coins Accepted by Crypto Casinos

When we talk about the significant contribution of digital currencies to online gambling since 2014, emphasis is made chiefly about bitcoin because it is the most popular coin. This creates the impression of it being the only coin that is not true.

Several other coins are part of the digital currencies; Bitcoin is just one of the many. Punters need to know what coin would be accepted at a preferred casino. With this information, you won’t be stranded when you want to fund your account. Here are popular coins, including BTC, that crypto casinos accept for money transactions.


The discussion about the most popular coins accepted by crypto casinos won’t be significant if bitcoin is not mentioned. This is where the conversation about cryptocurrency begins. As mentioned earlier, most punters or individuals think that cryptocurrency is all about bitcoin.

Although this is not entirely true, it speaks about the coin’s popularity as the original cryptocurrency. BTC has been upfront in the aspect of the development of coins. The domain name was registered in 2008. A few weeks after, a white paper was released by Satoshi Nakamoto, which read that bitcoin cryptocurrency could handle peer-to-peer electronic money transactions.

In 2009, the open-source code bitcoin blockchain was released. The name Satoshi Nakamoto is the false name used to portray the founder(s) or owner(s) of the coin. This coin has since changed the concept of online transactions.

Essentially, BTC is the most popular and dominant cryptocurrency known to man. It has proven to beat several controversies to become a popular coin for online payment for internet gambling. Also, it is the largest platform with an incredible coin value and market capitalization. Every crypto casino accepts it. It would not be wise not to. Transactions using bitcoin are super-fast, safe, and secured.


Another popular cryptocurrency that is widely accepted by crypto casinos and used by players is Ethereum. This coin effortlessly takes the second spot after BTC, but in its functionality, it beats bitcoin. Ethereum has become a viable channel to carry out online transactions because it has stayed free of any form of scandal.

ETH has a connection with Edgeless; Edgeless is a gambling token that minimizes the edge the house has against the gambler. The beauty of this coin is the unique feature of it being more than a cryptocurrency. The initial idea for the ETH was for development purposes; a blockchain-based distribution platform with an operating system platform. It was exciting to see that the platform, which was not developed like every other crypto coin, can also support cryptocurrency.

This design reveals why the currency would remain in the marketplace for a very long time due to its sustainability. ETH is a platform that promotes the building of all manner of a blockchain-based application. It is important to note that Ether (ETH) is the coin linked with Ethereum.

ETH was introduced to the crypto space in 2015. However, it was first pushed forward in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher. Vitalik had to call for funds for the development of the platform he was building. The crowdfunding was successful, and he was then ready to release the platform.

Ethereum was launched with 72m coins; they were mined and ready to be purchased. Not long, hackers were able to utilize a flaw in the smart contract. ETH of about $50 million was stolen. Fixing this problem led to creating two altcoins; Ether (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC). For this review, note that we are referring to ETH.

BTC Cash

Due to ideologies and technical dissensions among bitcoin developers and miners, a hard fork was initiated; a new currency was created from bitcoin. These individuals felt that the original plan designed by Satoshi Nakamoto was not followed.

Bitcoin was designed with a limited node size, which limited the number of transactions that can be made in a second. This limitation led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash. BTC Cash was formed to make up for this loss. BTC cash has its specification and blockchain. The size of the block was increased to 32MB to make transactions super-fast.

Although the verification process was accelerated, an adjustable grey area was created for the design. This would ensure that the currency survives despite the amount of miners on it.

BTC Cash was meant to hold less value compared to bitcoin. However, the coin is popular among online gamblers because online Gratorama casinos widely accept it. Using Bitcoin cash to fund your account is lightning fast. The transaction is also secured and keeps your privacy intact.


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency with incredible potential. The coin is one of the crypto coins well positioned to compete with almighty BTC. It has a high market capitalization; although not up to BTC, the coin value is pretty low. However, in the crypto sphere, the coin continues to thrive.

Online gamblers interested in a coin for a transaction can depend on Litecoin. Litecoin, as a crypto coin for online gambling, is faster than most coins, including bitcoin. The history of Litecoin goes back to 2011. Charlie Lee, a Google employee, released the open-source code.

Essentially, Lee designed his platform like that of the Bitcoin Core client. The client is a node that processes every transaction carried out on the bitcoin network.

Although, Litecoin was designed as a fork, yet it is pretty different from bitcoin in many ways. The speed of transaction of Litecoin beats that of bitcoin. In the early days of Litecoin, a transaction could be completed in 2.5 minutes, and the same transaction took 10 minutes for bitcoin.

Currently, time disparity is not as it was before, but Litecoin is still ahead-considering speed. Also, Litecoin makes use of an algorithm called proof-of-work. This algorithm is created as a memory-hard function. Mining rigs for Litecoin need more memory and also computing power. It is pretty expensive to build.

How Will Blockchain Change Online Gaming?

Here is the reality. There is more knowledge out there about the provably fair aspect of bitcoin casinos. Players are becoming aware of the benefits of shifting towards crypto-based casinos, like protection of funds and also best odds, to name a few.

Today, procedures involving purchase and custody have become straightforward for an average player. The gaming industry has come to terms with this cryptocurrency adoption. With people getting to trust these blockchain-based solutions, the possibility of a rise in popularity for Bitcoin casinos is inevitable.


Are bitcoin casinos legal?

Generally, there are no strict laws put out against bitcoin casinos. However, these casinos are pretty similar to the usual casinos. They have licenses and rights to offer gambling services. The bitcoin casinos we listed in this review are licensed, safe, and secured.

Is bitcoin safe to use?

Bitcoin is safe to use by punters for money transactions. Ideally, this digital currency is the best because it is swift and offers you the privilege of anonymity. Your financial records can’t be tied to you.

Is it anonymous to play with bitcoin?

Here is the reality, bitcoin transactions are kept publicly on the network. Any individual can see these transactions but would not be able to identify the identity behind such addresses.

Can I gamble with rare altcoins, as Ripple, Dash, or Zcash?

BTC is a popular but not the only currency. Other altcoins are also accepted. However, you would need to get more information from the preferred Gratorama casino.

Do I have to pay taxes on my bitcoin winnings?

Currently, the IRS has classified bitcoin as an asset. This means that it should be tasked. Gamblers have to declare their income to the tax agencies for tax purposes. Regardless, digital currency is still very much in a grey area of legislation in most jurisdictions.

Can I deposit with a debit card but cash out in Bitcoin?

No. It is preferred to withdraw or cash out using the same channel used in funding your account. For instance, if you had previously used PayPal to fund your account, it is only appropriate for you to use it for cashout purposes. If otherwise, you would be indirectly buying bitcoin if you had used a debit card for funding.

Can I play Bitcoin casino games on my mobile phone?

You can play bitcoin casino games at your convenience using your mobile devices. These bitcoin casinos offer punters games that are compactable with popular mobile devices like iPhones, Android, and many others.

Do Bitcoin casinos have any country-based restrictions?

Essentially, BTC casinos are welcoming to all players, no matter the jurisdiction. However, there could be country-specific restrictions in place. This is why we recommend that you get more information from the preferred casino platform before you initiate any money transaction.