How to Choose Affiliate Program for Your Online Casino

Being a highly profitable and competitive niche, the gambling industry is known for various affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing can make a casino stand out. The symbiotic relationships between a casino and its affiliates are fairly simple. The affiliate gets a share of the casino’s revenue, while the casino can get more subscribers from the affiliate program. But how to choose the right one?

There are several things one must consider. Most likely you would have to do some research, although it won’t be an extensive one. The first thing you need to learn is the commission plan of your affiliate. There are three payment plans.

The first (and the most common one) is a revenue share, which means you don’t agree on any particular amount of money. The affiliate program gets a percentage, which depends on, let’s say, players’ activity at the casino throughout a month. But there can be other factors that an affiliate’s income may depend on.

The second one is the cost per action payment. You agree on some amount with the affiliate to be paid after each lead that mentions the casino. The problem with this method is that it’s more of a one-time rather than a recurring payment.

And the third commission plan is a mix of the two. So, before making your final choice on the affiliate program, think about what commission plan works the best for you and your goals.

Another thing that you need to consider is payment methods. You need to make sure that both you and the affiliate use the same payment method to pay and earn income.

The last thing is terms and conditions. It’s a bore to read, but if you want to avoid misunderstanding with your affiliate partner, it’s better to read them thoroughly beforehand.

What Is an Affiliate Program?

In short, affiliates are those who use their websites to increase traffic to your online casino. It can be anything from players themselves who write about their positive experience, or it can be an online magazine that mentions or promotes a particular casino, or it can be a website that specializes in affiliate programs. So, all in all, affiliates are no strangers to online gambling. Using proper SEO and link building, they provide truthful information about casinos and get high rankings in search results.

Types of Affiliate Rewards

While the income share is one thing, there can be some other rewards that can work both ways. Generally, they come in terms of the commission. When an affiliate partner creates a tiered commission system, it can help to keep their partner striving for more, as well as attracting new partners. Think of it as a customer loyalty system.

Another reward may come in the form of bonuses. If the affiliate program brings the results that go through the roof, the work of the affiliate should be appreciated. And bonuses, which may come in different forms, are the best way to show that appreciation.

NetoPartners vs Top Affiliate Platforms

Even with the information provided above, it can be quite hard to find the proper affiliate platform. But we at Gratorama Casino have a few tips for you. While we would highly recommend NetoPartners, as they offer the best conditions, at least in our humble opinion, there are several other platforms that we are going to tell you about.


One of the most important things about any affiliate program is trustworthiness, and trustworthiness in iGaming can be easily measured by how long something has been around. Based on that alone, Netopartners is your ultimate choice, as they have been operating for more than ten years now. 

Aside from working with us, their partner brands include ScratchMania and Winorama. They offer a revenue-based commission plan with a revenue share from 20% to 40%. The payments are done swiftly via Wire Transfer, Skrill, Capitalist, and WebMoney. A good thing is that they don’t have added fees. NetoPartners have a support service that is there for you 24/7 and operates in nine languages.


Another affiliate that’s worth mentioning is GunsBet. They’ve been around since 2017. They offer 40% and 50% revenue share. They have a “no negative carryover” policy, so if your account is in the negative, you will start the next month fresh, without a negative balance. You can choose a payment method from a variety of options (Skrill, Paysafecard, Neosurf, Visa, etc.). The platform has a 24/7 support service, operating in six languages.

Earn Big Affiliate

Another great affiliate platform is Earn Big Affiliate. They create promo strategies based on your needs from scratch. They offer a 50% revenue share and follow a “no negative carryover” policy. They baldly announce the latter on their page: “Sh*t happens, but we will sort it out when it does.” Keep in mind that this policy works only if the partner brings paying users within half a year from the start of the deal. Payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, as well as Bitcoin.

Golden Star

Golden Star is another affiliate program with a 40-50% revenue share. Golden Star offers a hybrid commission plan, thus CPA is also possible. Golden Star also has a “no negative carryover” policy. All the earnings from the affiliate programs are reflected in the reports to which you have 24/7 access from your affiliate account. It offers many payment methods, including Bitcoin.


One of the oldest on our list, the LuckyBet affiliate program, was launched all the way back in 2003. They offer a 30%-45% revenue share, but a CPA commission plan is also possible. Everything depends on your needs and preferences. LuckyBet affiliates use a custom-made platform, where you can check all the reports on your earnings, as well as track them in real-time. They offer multiple payment methods, including Skrill and Neteller.